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Bring your business communications together! Comexcel Cloud now offers Unified Numbers to combine fax and voice on a single number. Boost productivity with streamlined comms - receive/send secure faxes without a dedicated line and handle calls, all in one place. Convenient, cost-effective, no hardware needed. Let your business communicate easier than ever, unite your fax and voice comms with Comexcel today!

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What is a Unified Number?

A Unified Number is a single phone number that serves multiple communication purposes, such as voice calls and fax transmissions. With Comexcel Cloud Service, you can streamline your communication channels by using one number for all your needs.

Benefits of a Unified Number

Save Money and Reduce Clutter with One Number

A single number for both voice calls and fax simplifies communications and eliminates the need for multiple phone lines. This saves money on extra phone charges each month. Less hardware, wires and numbers also reduces office clutter.

Flexible Call Handling for Better Customer Service

Intelligent call routing sends faxes to secure cloud storage and voice calls to the right people. This allows customers to reach the right person without hassle and improves the customer experience.

Keep Business Moving with Advanced Fax Capabilities

Online faxing integrates directly with email for sending and receiving faxes anywhere securely. Retrieving, managing and sharing faxes is easy from any web-enabled device. Critical business documents move faster.

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Key Features of a Unified Number at Comexcel

Effortless Scalability As Your Business Grows

The unified voice and fax number integrates with powerful cloud PBX features that scale to support additional employees and locations with ease. Add new extensions, auto-attendants and locations without adding new phone numbers.

Disaster Recovery Protection

If unexpected events like severe weather or system failures occur, cloud-based communications stay up and running to ensure no fax or call data is ever lost.

Enhanced Mobility Around The Office and On-The-Go

Unified voice and fax keeps team members connected from the corporate office, home office or even a hotel room when traveling. Calls and faxes seamlessly follow them for consistent communication.

Frequently Asked Questions about Unified Number for Fax and Voice
The Unified Number for Fax and Voice allows you to have a single number for both receiving faxes and phone calls. This eliminates the need for having separate fax and phone numbers. Your customers can reach you whether they are faxing or calling.
Some key benefits include:
  • Simplicity - Just one number for all your inbound faxes and calls
  • Professional image - No confusing multiple numbers for customers
  • Flexibility - Route faxes and calls to different devices as needed
  • Cost saving - No need for multiple phone lines
The Unified Number will work with:
  • Desktop fax machines
  • Fax-enabled multifunction printers
  • Smartphone fax apps
  • IP phones
  • Softphones
  • Mobile phones
So you can receive faxes and calls on whatever device is most convenient.
Yes, Comexcel's communications platform utilizes high performance fax over IP technology, so inbound fax quality is excellent. Our system can receive faxes in many formats like PDF, TIFF, etc.
Absolutely. Since it's a cloud based service, you can have your Unified Number ring devices in multiple locations. This enables flexibility to have office staff, remote workers, etc manage inbound faxes and calls.
You define overflow rules so that unanswered faxes or calls can route to an alternate device or be sent to voicemail. This ensures you will not miss important customer contacts.

So in summary, the Unified Number for Fax and Voice makes your inbound communications simple, flexible, reliable, and professional. Reach out if you have any other questions!

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