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Bring your business communications together! Comexcel Cloud now offers Unified Numbers to combine fax and voice on a single number. Boost productivity with streamlined comms - receive/send secure faxes without a dedicated line and handle calls, all in one place. Convenient, cost-effective, no hardware needed. Let your business communicate easier than ever, unite your fax and voice comms with Comexcel today!

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Send and receive text messages

The SMS feature allows you to send and receive text messages to and from mobile phones. This provides a convenient way to communicate short messages without needing to make a phone call.

Deliver critical alerts

You can use SMS to deliver important, time-sensitive alerts to key personnel. These text alerts can notify them of issues that require immediate attention.

Group messaging

With the SMS feature, you can send a single text message to multiple recipients at once. This is useful for coordinating teams, contacting customers, or sharing information.

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Two-factor authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your systems by using SMS to send one-time passcodes for two-factor authentication during login attempts.

Appointment reminders

Schedule SMS appointment reminder texts to automatically go out to customers before their upcoming appointments. This helps reduce no-shows.

Surveys and voting

Use SMS for polling event attendees, running contests, collecting customer feedback via surveys, or enabling audience voting during presentations or meetings.

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Frequently Asked Questions about SMS Messaging
Our SMS messaging platform provides reliable message delivery with guarantees and delivery receipts.
We can handle high SMS traffic and scale to meet your messaging needs as your business grows.
Send individual or mass texts to customers for notifications, alerts, promotions, etc. Customize sender IDs too.
Track SMS campaign performance with detailed analytics on deliveries, replies, fails, etc.
Our SMS platform allows you to send all types of messages including:
  • Promotional and marketing messages
  • Shipping and order notifications
  • Event reminders
  • Security codes and OTPs
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Coupons and loyalty messages
  • Surveys and feedback requests
We have flexible plans to fit your SMS volume requirements. Contact our sales team for customized pricing based on your projected monthly SMS volumes. We can easily scale to meet high SMS traffic without any hiccups.
Getting started with SMS is very easy. Simply sign up for a Comexcel Cloud account, purchase any of our SMS plans, verify your sender ID and you're all set to start sending and receiving SMS directly through your Comexcel Cloud account!

Track all unreturned calls and texts in a single click

With our proprietary filter technology, when you access your list of missed calls from your CRM, with a click, you can see the purpose of the prospect’s or client’s call and take fast, appropriate action with a callback or immediate text!

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