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Elevate Your Business with Toll-Free Numbers at Comexcel Cloud Service

Comexcel Cloud offers reliable Toll Free numbers to help your business connect with customers across the country. Our cloud-based phone system routes calls from your dedicated 800, 888 or other Toll Free number to any phone you choose - landline, mobile, work or home.

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Comexcel Toll-Free Numbers

Boost your brand's credibility and enhance customer experience with Comexcel toll-free number service! Trust in Comexcel seamless, scalable solutions to revolutionize your business communication, keeping you connected with your customers effortlessly.

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Benefits of Toll-Free Numbers

Get a national presence easily

A toll free number gives your business a national presence and makes it easy for customers from anywhere in the country to call you without incurring long distance charges. This expands your reach beyond just local customers.

Drive more calls and sales

A memorable and easy-to-dial toll free number printed on all your promotional material makes it more likely for prospects to call you. More calls means more chances for sales conversations and closed deals.

Appear more professional and reputable

A toll free number adds credibility and makes small businesses appear more established and prestigious - like large national brands. This improves trust and confidence in potential customers.

Track call data and optimize marketing

With detailed call analytics on your toll free number, you can identify effective marketing campaigns that drive calls. You can also optimize underperforming marketing areas

Improve customer support

With call routing features, calls to your toll free number can be routed to the right departments and even overflow support can kick in during high call volumes, improving customer experience.

Cost-effective and hassle-free setup

Comexcel's toll free numbers are cost-effective with easy online activation. There's no telecom hardware to maintain and you only pay for what you use.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Toll Free Numbers
Toll Free numbers, also known as Freephone numbers, are special telephone numbers that allow customers to call your business free of charge. With Comexcel Cloud communications, you can acquire Toll Free numbers that customers can dial without worrying about long distance or cellular fees.

Some key benefits include:

  • Increased calls and sales since customers don't hesitate to call Toll Free
  • Ability to acquire numbers with custom area codes to give a local presence anywhere
  • Professional image that builds trust and credibility
  • Detailed analytics on number of calls, duration etc. to optimize marketing
Comexcel offers competitive pricing on over 25 million Toll Free numbers across the United States and Canada, including popular vanity numbers that spell words. Custom keyword search available.
Monthly pricing starts from $2 per Toll Free number based on volume, contract term etc. First number is discounted. Ask us about current promotions.
Yes, you can port in your existing Toll Free number onto Comexcel Cloud within a few business days. This allows you to retain your number when switching providers.
Yes, our reliable network infrastructure ensures 99.999% uptime even during your busiest days. Scale elastically to handle seasonal spikes.
Calls to your Toll Free number can terminate at phone numbers global or extensions on our Cloud PBX platform. Configure overflow call routing, voicemail and more.

Track all unreturned calls and texts in a single click

With our proprietary filter technology, when you access your list of missed calls from your CRM, with a click, you can see the purpose of the prospect’s or client’s call and take fast, appropriate action with a callback or immediate text!

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