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Send customized SMS fast with Comexcel! Our drag-n-drop editor lets you build SMS templates in minutes. Easily personalize messages with merge tags and send to individuals or groups. Save templates for later - it's super easy! Try Comexcel SMS templates now!

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What are SMS Templates?

SMS Templates are pre-written text messages that can be customized and sent to recipients as needed. They allow you to save time, maintain consistency, and ensure that your messages convey the desired information in a clear and concise manner.

Benefits of SMS Templates

Send customized SMS messages easily

Using SMS templates, you can create message templates with placeholders that allow you to personalize your SMS outreach. Easily tailor bulk messages while saving time.

Schedule SMS campaigns in advance

With SMS templates, you can write messages whenever inspiration strikes, save them for later, and schedule sending them to contacts at the optimal date and time in just a few clicks.

Promote consistency with your SMS messaging

Standard templates enable your team to send consistent SMS messages that reinforce your brand image. Define templates for common communications like confirmations, reminders, alerts and more.

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Key Features of SMS Templates at Comexcel

Integrate dynamic information

SMS templates support integrating dynamic information into your messages, like contact names, account details, dates/times, links and more. Personalized messages drive better engagement.

Track performance

See open rates and click metrics to optimize your SMS templates over time. Continuously improve messaging to boost conversions.

Simplify SMS communication

With a message template library, it becomes simple for anyone on your team to handle SMS-based customer and prospect communication smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions about SMS Templates
SMS templates allow you to create pre-written text messages that you can quickly select and send to your contacts. You can create templates for promotions, appointments, alerts and more.
Creating a template is easy! Just log into your Comexcel Cloud account, go to the SMS section, and click "Templates". From there you can give your template a name, write the message text, and save it. Now it's available to use anytime.
Absolutely! When creating a template, use merge tags like {{FirstName}} and {{LastName}} to automatically personalize your messages. The system will replace those tags when you send the message.
You can create unlimited SMS templates in your Comexcel Cloud account. Create templates for your most common messages so they're ready to go anytime.
You sure can! When sending a message using a template, just select the option to schedule it for the future date and time you wish. Scheduling is a great way to set and forget your SMS campaigns.
All of your saved SMS templates are available right inside your Comexcel Cloud account under the SMS section. You can view, edit or delete them anytime.

Leverage the power of SMS Templates with Comexcel Cloud Service to optimize your business communication, enhance the customer experience, and improve the overall efficiency of your messaging process. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your brand and foster stronger connections with your clients and prospects.

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