Ring Groups

Streamline Your Call Handling with Ring Groups at Comexcel Cloud Service

Need to route calls efficiently? Comexcel's Ring Groups keep your team connected! This handy feature instantly rings multiple people at once until someone answers - no more missed calls or voicemails to return. When a customer calls in, Ring Groups make sure their call gets fielded right away by whichever agent is available.

And configuring Ring Groups is a total cinch within your Comexcel account dashboard - set up call distribution how you want in just minutes with a few clicks. Whether rounding robin or ringing agents simultaneously, it custom fits your workflow. Plus, real-time monitoring helps balance workload.

Streamline inbound calls - upgrade now to add Ring Groups from Comexcel Cloud communication services! With special intro pricing, it just makes business sense.

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What are Ring Groups?

Ring Groups are a powerful call management feature that allows you to group multiple extensions or agents together, so that incoming calls are distributed among them. This enables your business to handle calls more effectively and ensures that customers receive timely support.

Bring Your Team Together with Ring Groups

Easy call routing

Effortlessly route incoming calls to multiple people. Define a group of users and have all their phones ring simultaneously when calls come in to a shared number. Simple to set up ring groups for departments, teams, or projects.

Improved availability

With calls ringing multiple people, you'll never miss an important customer call. If one person is away from their desk or on another call, the rest of the ring group can answer. Greatly improves responsiveness.

Enhanced call coverage

Route calls to a dynamic, flexible group instead of just one person's extension. Makes sure you provide enough coverage to handle peaks in call volume without disruption.

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Key Features of Ring Groups at Comexcel

Increased flexibility

Easily add or remove ring group members as your teams and projects change over time. Log in to configure ring group settings and call routing on the fly.

Powerful call handling

Configure for sequential or simultaneous ring. Pick up calls from your own phone even if they come through the group number. Customize greetings and settings.

Unified communications

Bring modern UC features like chat, video conferencing, and screen sharing to your ring groups. Comexcel ties together all your communication tools.

Ring Groups - Route Incoming Calls Efficiently
Ring groups allow you to group multiple phones together so that incoming calls will ring each phone simultaneously or sequentially. This allows incoming calls to be answered by the first available person.
When someone calls your published phone number, instead of going to just one phone, it will ring multiple phones at once or one after the other depending on how you set it up. The first person to answer gets connected to the caller.
  • Improves customer service - Calls are answered faster with multiple people available
  • Flexibility - Agents can be added or removed from groups easily
  • Call coverage - Calls will be answered even if some agents are busy/unavailable
  • Load balancing - Incoming call volume is distributed across multiple agents
Yes! You can configure ring order, timing, whether to ring all agents simultaneously or one after the other, auto attendants, business hours and more. Many customizable options.
No. Ring groups work great with your existing phones and numbers - no need to get new hardware or phone numbers. It works seamlessly with phone numbers you already have.
You can set up alternate numbers, voicemails, auto attendants and more to handle calls when all agents on the ring group are occupied. Comexcel makes it easy to ensure no calls slip through the cracks.

Integrating Ring Groups into your Comexcel Cloud Service can significantly enhance your inbound call management and improve your customer experience. Take advantage of this powerful solution to streamline your call handling and drive success in your customer support efforts.

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With our proprietary filter technology, when you access your list of missed calls from your CRM, with a click, you can see the purpose of the prospect’s or client’s call and take fast, appropriate action with a callback or immediate text!

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