Multiple Office Locations

Seamlessly Connect Multiple Office Locations with Comexcel Cloud Communications

Comexcel makes it easy for companies with multiple office locations to stay connected. Our cloud-based phone system enables you to place and receive calls from any device, anywhere using a single business phone number. Comexcel routes calls intelligently based on time of day and staff availability across all locations. Unify your phone system and stop paying for costly on-premise equipment upgrades every time you open a new office. With Comexcel, you can scale quickly as your business grows by simply adding new phone numbers and configuring call flows using our easy web interface. Staff can work from home or remote sites while still being fully integrated into your organization's communications network. Streamline costs and connect all teams with Comexcel's flexible, cloud-based solution.

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Why Comexcel is Perfect for Multiple Office Locations

Comexcel's comprehensive feature set is designed to simplify communication for businesses with multiple office locations. Key features include:

Seamless communication between offices

Comexcel allows employees across different office locations to make and receive calls, voicemails, faxes etc. under one system through the cloud. This enables seamless communication.

Single unified phone system

Instead of having a separate phone system in each office, Comexcel offers a single unified system and dashboard to manage it all. This reduces complexity and costs.

Flexible call routing

Calls can be instantly routed to any employee in any location based on availability, time of day etc. This ensures calls are handled efficiently.

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Top Benefits of Comexcel for Multiple Office Locations

By implementing Comexcel for your multiple office locations, your business can enjoy a wide range of advantages:

Mobile access

Employees can make/receive calls on their desktops, smartphones or tablets through the Comexcel apps and browser interfaces from anywhere.

Easy to scale

As the business expands to new locations, Comexcel makes it easy to add new users, phone numbers and features without significant costs.

24/7 availability

With cloud-based access, the phone system and features are always available. This results in no downtime even if Internet goes down in one location.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Comexcel is a cloud-based business phone and communication service that provides voice, SMS, fax, voicemail, IVR, and more through an easy-to-use online platform. It allows you to make and receive calls from any device.
Comexcel makes communicating seamlessly between multiple office locations simple. You get one unified business phone system across all locations with full visibility and call control. Route calls intelligently between sites, access powerful call analytics, and scale up or down easily.
Yes! You can bring your existing business phone numbers to Comexcel or get new numbers. Comexcel will route calls to those numbers intelligently between your locations.
Comexcel has robust tools to route calls based on time of day, day of week, caller ID, and more. Intelligently send calls to any employee device or ring multiple devices at once. Route calls to alternate destinations if unanswered.
Comexcel provides voicemail with convenient email or text alerts. Host customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus to route callers automatically via their touchtone keypad 24/7.
Comexcel has real-time call analytics and reporting. See how many calls reach each site, monitor peak calling times, identify missed calls, and more � gaining insight to improve workflow.
Yes! Comexcel utilizes enterprise-grade security like SSO, 256-bit encryption and security protocols to protect your solution end-to-end. Protect every call and keep your business communications safe.

Unify your multiple office locations with Comexcel's powerful and feature-rich cloud communication solution. Experience the difference that Comexcel can make for your business with multiple office locations, and give your company the communication tools it needs to excel.

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