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Streamline Communications for Your Moving Business with Comexcel

Comexcel makes it easy for moving and transportation companies to communicate smoothly with customers, drivers, and staff. Get clear voice calls no matter where your team is located through deskphones, desktop and mobile apps. Automate customer interactions using IVR menus, voicemail drops, SMS updates, and more. Important features like smart call routing, power dialing, toll-free numbers, and working hours rules save time and money. With Comexcel's flexible pay-as-you-go pricing, moving companies can cut communications costs by 70% compared to old-fashioned providers. Stop juggling multiple vendors and take control of your business communication needs with one powerful, user-friendly platform.

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Key Benefits of Comexcel Cloud Service for Moving & Transportation Businesses

Seamless Communication

Comexcel allows dispatchers, drivers and office staff to seamlessly communicate via voice, SMS, and other channels using one unified platform. This improves coordination and customer service.

Location-Based Call Routing

Comexcel can route calls to the driver's cellphone based on location, ensuring customers reach the right person. This provides a local presence no matter where your vehicles are.

Auto-Attendants & IVRs

Set up automated attendants and interactive voice responses to provide customers options for scheduling, checking status, and more. This reduces manual calls.

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Key Features of Comexcel Cloud Service for Moving & Transportation Businesses

Text Notifications

Dispatch automatic SMS updates to customers when you're en route or have completed the move. This keeps customers informed.

Power Dialing

Comexcel has a built-in power dialer to efficiently contact customers when confirming moves. This saves time over manual dialing.

Affordable Pricing

Comexcel offers significant savings over traditional phone services. This allows more funds to be invested in your fleet and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions
Comexcel allows moving companies to professionally handle customer calls from anywhere - on the road, at the office, or on a job site. Features like call routing, IVR, and voicemail drops ensure no customer call goes unanswered. Comexcel also enables SMS capabilities to conveniently text scheduling details and updates to customers.
With Comexcel, your business number will ring simultaneously across multiple devices so calls are less likely to be missed. Customized ring groups route calls intelligently during business hours. After-hour calls get professionally greeted and can leave voicemails for next-day callback. SMS messaging and autoresponders let you promptly handle simple customer inquiries.
Comexcel works anywhere with cell reception - calls and texts will reach you wherever you are. With local presence, Comexcel displays a local caller ID to customers for a professional impression. As an mobile business owner, you can toggle availability status when on the road. Comexcel will then route calls accordingly when you are unavailable.
Comexcel’s IVR menu options and voicemail boxes prevent overwhelming agents with simple inquiries. Bulk SMS campaigns help promptly inform customers on specials, peak rates or scheduling issues. Power dialing feature enables high volume outbound calls to capture leads. Additional local numbers can be provisioned instantly to handle increased call demand.
Comexcel provides enterprise-level capabilities without the cost, contracts or hardware. It is also more flexible than other VoIP solutions - numbers, routing rules, IVR menus can be changed in seconds through a simple online dashboard. Ongoing costs are reduced by up to 70% compared to conventional business phone services.
Comexcel is 100% self-maintained by customers without any vendor support needed. The intuitive online dashboard allows full control over call routing, IVR menus, SMS templates, phone numbers and more. Real-time analytics provide insight on number performance. Porting numbers and managing reputation is easy.

Transform your moving and transportation business with Comexcel Cloud Service's advanced communication tools. Experience seamless collaboration, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction that will set you apart from the competition. Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize the way you communicate – sign up for Comexcel Cloud Service today.

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