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Comexcel is the premier cloud communications solution tailored to the needs of medium and large enterprises. Our robust voice, SMS, and fax capabilities facilitated by an intuitive web interface provide customizable call and message routing, detailed analytics, IVR, and more - enabling efficient communication internally and with customers. Comexcel scales with your growing business needs while reducing costs by up to 70% compared to traditional providers. The flexibility to instantly add numbers and configure intelligent call routing rules coupled with our reputation management tools give you complete command of your communications. With Comexcel's enterprise-grade reliability and dedicated support, you can focus on business goals instead of managing infrastructure. The future of business communications for forward-thinking organizations is here.

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Comexcel: The Ideal Communication Solution for Medium and Large Businesses

Comexcel offers an extensive range of features tailored to meet the unique communication needs of medium and large businesses. Some of these standout features include:

Flexible and Scalable

Comexcel makes it easy to add new phone numbers or change call routing rules in seconds. The service scales with your business needs, whether you are growing or downsizing.

Cost Savings

Comexcel offers pricing up to 70% less than traditional business phone services. The cloud-based system is more affordable, especially for larger organizations.


The Comexcel desktop and mobile apps allow employees to make and receive calls from anywhere as if they were in the office. Stay connected on-the-go.

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Key Benefits of Comexcel for Medium and Large Businesses

By incorporating Comexcel into your communication strategy, your business can enjoy numerous advantages, including:

Easy Management

With simple online tools, managers can configure the phone system according to changing business needs without relying on IT.

Call Monitoring

Managers can monitor, record, and analyze calls to improve customer service. Useful features for training purposes.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Tools like IVR, voicemail, SMS messaging, and fax improve communication with customers for more professional interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Comexcel is a feature-rich cloud phone system that enables businesses to make and receive calls from any device. It provides voice calls, SMS, fax, voicemail drops, IVR menus, and more.
Comexcel is an ideal phone system for medium and large businesses. It scales to support hundreds or thousands of users and provides easy management of multiple locations. The system is flexible to grow with your business over time.
  • Cost savings - No expensive on-premises phone equipment required. Pay only for what you use. Save up to 70% compared to traditional phone services.
  • Flexibility - Phone numbers and call routing can be changed in seconds through the online portal. Users can make/receive calls from any device.
  • Productivity - Features like IVR, ring groups, call routing rules streamline communications.
  • Scalability - Easily add numbers and users. Comexcel scales to the largest businesses.
  • Reliability - The system provides outstanding uptime and call quality via a global private network.
Exclusive capabilities like manual Caller ID control, phone number reputation monitoring, local presence routing (use local numbers for better caller experience), and power dialing help maximize productivity.
The online dashboard enables admins to manage the entire phone system. Make changes on-the-fly without contacting the provider. Give users self-service options to manage calls, voicemail, etc.
No other service matches Comexcel's combination of reliability, capabilities, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Large businesses will appreciate the scalability while medium businesses get enterprise-grade features at affordable rates.

Upgrade your business communications today with Comexcel's powerful and feature-rich cloud communication solution. Experience the difference that Comexcel can make in your medium and large businesses, and give your company the communication tools it needs to thrive.

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