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Expand Your Business Reach with International Texting at Comexcel Cloud Service

Stay connected wherever you roam with Comexcel Cloud's International Texting! Send and receive texts to numbers worldwide for just $0.05 per message. How cool is that? With easy activation and affordable rates, ya can't go wrong. Whether chattin' up friends, family, or biz contacts abroad, our International Texting has ya covered. Sign up today n' start textin' from anywhere under the sun to numbers in over 200 countries n' territories! Act now n' get 500 FREE international texts for new subscribers - just enter code WANDERLUST when ya register online. So whatcha waitin' for? Click here to start textin' the globe with Comexcel Cloud!

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What is International Texting?

International Texting is a messaging feature that allows you to send and receive text messages to and from customers in different countries. With Comexcel Cloud Service, you can communicate with your international customer base easily and effectively, breaking down barriers and expanding your reach.

Benefits of International Texting

Stay Connected Globally

Send and receive text messages to any phone number in over 200 countries for a low monthly fee. Keep in touch with friends and family abroad without worrying about expensive roaming charges.

Real-Time Communication

Enjoy real-time conversations with your contacts around the world. International texting allows you to have meaningful chats without lag or delays.

No Need to Download Separate Apps

Unlike other international messaging apps, our integrated global texting works right within your current phone number. There's no need to download anything separate.

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Key Features of International Texting at Comexcel

Secured Encrypted Messages

We utilize end-to-end encryption for your international texts to keep your conversations safe and secure. Only you and the receiver can read the messages.

Customizable Features

Choose customized preferences like read receipts and typing indicators. Receive SMS delivery confirmations whenever your recipient gets your international text.

24/7 Reliable Support

If ever an issue arises with sending international texts, our dedicated 24/7 technical support is ready to help troubleshoot. Enjoy peace of mind knowing we've got your back!

International Texting FAQ
International Texting allows you to send and receive text messages to phone numbers in other countries directly from your Comexcel account. With this feature enabled, you can seamlessly communicate via text with your contacts around the world.
Our International Texting coverage includes over 200 countries and territories. As long as the destination number is a valid mobile number, you'll be able to send texts to contacts in most countries globally.
You can send and receive basic SMS texts with International Texting. This includes plain text messages up to 160 characters. Multimedia messages with attachments are not supported at this time.
Rates start at $0.05 per message sent. Receiving texts from international numbers is free. Check our rates page for a full breakdown of pricing by destination.
Enabling International Text is easy! Just log in to your Comexcel account, go to Preferences and check the box to enable International Sending under Messaging Options. Once enabled, you can immediately start sending texts to contacts abroad.
If you have any issues getting set up with International Texting or questions about using it, our around-the-clock customer support is here to help! Reach out by email at [email protected] or through live chat within your account dashboard.

Embrace the power of International Texting at Comexcel Cloud Service and expand your business reach. Connect with customers around the world, increase customer satisfaction, and drive growth with this versatile and powerful communication tool.

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