Streamline Healthcare Communications with Comexcel

Comexcel's innovative cloud communication system is perfect for the dynamic communication needs of healthcare organizations. Healthcare providers benefit from robust voice, SMS text messaging, voicemail drops, faxing, and IVR features designed for secure coordination across clinical teams, connecting with patients, managing workflows, and more. Comexcel turbocharges communication, allowing faster consultations and patient follow-ups. Key features like ring groups, call routing, working hours rules, local presence, and toll-free numbers give clinics flexibility in directing calls appropriately. Implementing Comexcel can drive higher patient satisfaction through prompter responses as well as enable more efficient care collaboration.

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Key Benefits of Comexcel in Healthcare

Seamless Communication

Comexcel enables doctors, nurses, and staff to seamlessly communicate across multiple channels like voice, SMS, and fax from any device. This boosts productivity and coordination of care.

Increased Accessibility

Patients can reach the right healthcare provider easily through Comexcel's smart call routing and on-call scheduling. This facilitates better access to care.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Comexcel makes it easy to send appointment reminders, care instructions, etc via voice calls, SMS and voicemail drops. This drives better patient engagement.

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Key Definitions and Artifacts

Flexible IVR Trees

Full-featured IVR trees enable self-service for patients to check appointment status, hear test results, etc. Trees are flexible to update as needed.


Comexcel employs the latest security protocols to ensure protected health information (PHI) remains fully encrypted and compliant.

Significant Cost Savings

Comexcel delivers enterprise-grade voice, SMS and messaging capabilities at up to 70% less than traditional providers. This allows allocating budgets to other critical healthcare initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions
Comexcel offers a flexible, affordable, and feature-rich cloud phone system tailored for healthcare needs. It enables staff to place and receive calls from anywhere using desk phones, desktop and mobile apps. Key benefits include cost-savings, increased accessibility and mobility, robust call routing, IVR and SMS capabilities for patient engagement, and integration with healthcare software.
  • HIPAA-compliant security and privacy
  • IVR system for self-service and appointment reminders
  • SMS alerts and reminders to improve patient care
  • Flexible call groups and routing to manage high call volumes
  • Easy integration with EHR/EMR and telehealth software
  • Mobile apps allow on-the-go accessibility for doctors and nurses
Comexcel makes it easier for staff to engage with patients and delivers an omnichannel patient experience:
  • Patients can self-schedule appointments via IVR
  • Automated appointment reminders reduce no-shows
  • Patients receive test results/care info via SMS/voice messages
  • Flexible call routing reduces wait times for patients
  • Auto attendants and IVR for faster call handling
  • Native integrations with healthcare software
  • Mobile apps allow doctors/nurses to access calls and voicemails remotely
  • Power dialer enables high-volume outreach for wellness checks or surveys
  • Multiple numbers and smart call routing minimizes missed calls
Comexcel works as a centralized hub for all voice and digital communications�no hardware to maintain. Useful features include:
  • Single dashboard to manage phone system
  • Drag-and-drop call routing editor
  • Voicemail transcriptions emailed to staff
  • Team chat/SMS to streamline internal messaging
  • API/CRM integrations to capture call information
Comexcel delivers enterprise-grade phone system features at SMB prices. The geo-routing feature reduces long distance charges by using local phone numbers. As a cloud service, there is no costly hardware to purchase and maintain. Call analytics help monitor usage and trim ineffective communication channels.

In summary, Comexcel's cloud-based communication services offer healthcare providers a comprehensive solution to improve patient care, enhance collaboration, and reduce costs. By leveraging Comexcel's innovative features and tools, healthcare organizations can revolutionize their communication systems and focus on providing exceptional patient care. Experience the difference Comexcel can make in your healthcare practice today!

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