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Streamline Financial Operations with Comexcel Cloud Communications

Comexcel offers a powerful, cloud-based phone system tailored for accounting and finance teams. Our secure, reliable platform makes it easy to manage client calls, access real-time financial data, and collaborate across locations. Key features like call routing, IVR menus, voicemail-to-email, and built-in CRM integration ensure optimal efficiency when servicing accounts. Teams can access the same up-to-date information whether they're at their desk, on their cellphone, or in a remote office. With Comexcel, you leverage innovative communication tools to deliver first-class financial experiences. Sign up risk-free today!

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Key Benefits of Comexcel Cloud Service for Financial & Accounting Firms

Cost Savings

Comexcel can save accounting firms up to 70% on communication costs compared to traditional phone providers. This allows more money to be invested back into the business.


Comexcel makes it easy to add new phone numbers or change call routing rules in seconds. This enables accounting teams to quickly adapt to changing client needs.


With Comexcel, accountants can make and receive calls on any device - desktop phones, computers, smartphones etc. This supports remote work and keeps teams connected.

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Key Features of Comexcel Cloud Service for Financial & Accounting Firms

Call Management

Features like voicemail drops, IVR menus, ring groups and call routing rules make it simple to manage high call volumes efficiently. This is crucial during tax seasons.

Client Service

SMS messaging, automated replies and scheduled messages can help accounting firms deliver more responsive, 24/7 client service.

Disaster Recovery

Comexcel works in the cloud so service continues even if local phones or networks go down. This business continuity is vital for accounting operations.

Frequently Asked Questions
Comexcel provides a flexible, affordable, and feature-rich cloud phone system perfectly suited for financial and accounting services. Key benefits include:
  • Cost savings of up to 70% compared to traditional phone services
  • Ability to place and receive calls from anywhere - deskphone, computer, mobile app
  • Advanced features like IVR, ring groups, call routing to streamline client communication
  • Local phone number provides professional image to clients
  • Power dialer to efficiently contact clients for collections or appointments
  • SMS and voicemail drop features for additional client touchpoints
Specific Comexcel features that benefit accounting services include:
  • Auto attendants and IVR to route client calls appropriately
  • Voicemail drops to leave voicemails without ringing client's phone
  • Power dialer to efficiently follow up on outstanding invoices
  • SMS templates for appointment reminders and payment notifications
  • Working hours and routing rules to handle call overflow
For financial advisors, Comexcel can improve productivity by:
  • Enabling advisors to work from anywhere while using company phone system
  • Automatically routing important client calls to advisor's cell phone
  • Allowing advisors to qualify leads faster with click-to-call browser extensions
  • Saving time scheduling appointments with SMS templates
Comexcel delivers significant cost savings with its flexible pricing model. Financial and accounting services can realize:
  • Up to 70% savings over conventional phone services
  • No long-term contracts or early termination fees
  • Ability to easily add or change services based on evolving business needs
  • Predictable pricing with no overage charges
Comexcel enables financial and accounting businesses to present a professional image by:
  • Providing local or toll-free phone numbers clients can recognize
  • Customizing phone greetings and on-hold messages
  • Building intelligent IVRs to route calls smoothly
  • Equipping mobile workers with company caller ID
  • Automatically recording calls for quality assurance
Comexcel provides responsive, multi-channel customer support including:
  • 24/7 chat, email, and phone support
  • Detailed knowledge base and FAQs
  • Proactive system status notifications
  • 1:1 onboarding specialist assigned to each new client
  • Regular product updates based on customer feedback

Empower your financial & accounting firm with Comexcel Cloud Service's advanced communication tools. Experience seamless collaboration, enhanced security, and improved efficiency that will set you apart from the competition. Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize the way you communicate – sign up for Comexcel Cloud Service today.

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