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Fax 2 Email with Cloud-based Service Comexcel

With Comexcel's innovative Fax 2 Email feature, easily receive faxes right in your email inbox! No more waiting around the office for important documents - our secure cloud technology sends your faxes straight to you as PDF attachments. Yeah, you can access those time-sensitive forms, reports, etc on the go from any device. And sharing is a breeze! Furthermore, Fax 2 Email provides your business a dedicated fax number to publish professionally. Highly reliable as well. So, ditch the landlines and go paperless with Fax 2 Email today! Sign up through our website for a free trial to experience the convenience yourself.

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Benefits of Fax 2 Email in Comexcel

Cost Savings

Eliminate the cost of purchasing, maintaining and operating a fax machine and fax phone line. Fax 2 Email allows you to cancel these expenses and handle faxes digitally.

Improved Accessibility

Access faxes anywhere, anytime from your email. No need to be in the office standing at the fax machine to send or view faxes. The ease of use makes faxes readily accessible.

Enhanced Workflow

Streamline processes by allowing team members to collaborate by emailing faxes. Simple workflows to forward, search and share fax content.

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Increased Productivity

Spend less time manually handling paper and phone-line faxes. Manage faxes seamlessly alongside daily email activity to be more productive.

Better Document Management

Store, organize, search and archive fax content digitally for improved document management. Easy to save, name and track faxes.


A leading provider of cloud-based communication services, offering innovative solutions such as Fax 2 Email for businesses.

High Reliability

Get the dependability of a cloud fax service with high delivery success rates. Comexcel ensures fax content is securely delivered to recipients.

Fax 2 Email Frequently Asked Questions
Fax 2 Email is a feature within Comexcel Cloud communications that allows you to receive faxes directly to your email inbox as PDF attachments. This eliminates the need for a physical fax machine.
When someone sends a fax to your fax number, our servers receive the fax digitally. We then convert faxes to PDF files and deliver them to the email address(es) you configure. You can access these PDFs on any device just like any other email attachment.
Key benefits include:
  • Access faxes anywhere - No need to be in the office physically near a fax machine
  • Saves paper and ink - Faxes are received digitally instead of printing
  • Easy storage and retrieval - Fax PDFs can be saved and organized like other digital files
  • Increased productivity - Employees don't waste time walking to retrieve fax pages
Absolutely! Faxes are delivered directly to your personal email inbox, which only you can access. The fax content remains private and secure.
Nope! Just an email address. As long as you can receive emails, you can use Fax 2 Email.
Real time. You'll receive the fax typically within 1 minute of it being sent so you never miss urgent documents.
Yes, we can port your current number to our system. This way, your contacts can keep faxing you at the usual number.
Fax 2 Email is useful for all professionals - realtors, lawyers, accountants, doctors, pharmacists, engineers, architects, contractors - anyone who needs to handle documents and faxes daily. It makes fax communication fast, mobile and efficient. Sound useful? Sign up for Fax 2 Email today or call 754-800-9000 to learn more!

In summary, Comexcel's Fax 2 Email feature provides businesses with a streamlined, secure, and cost-effective solution for managing faxes. By integrating this feature into their communication processes, companies can simplify document handling, improve productivity, and enhance the overall efficiency of their operations.

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