Delivery Status Reports

Optimize Your Fax Communications with Fax Delivery Status Reports at Comexcel Cloud Service

Delivery Status Reports let you easily track sent emails and texts in Comexcel Cloud. Get real-time notifications when contacts open your messages or click a link, so you can follow up at just the right time. You'll know exactly when items are delivered, read, clicked, and more. With confirmation of receipt and opens/clicks, you'll have confidence your messages get through. See full analytics like deliverability rates and response times to optimize future campaigns.

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What are Fax Delivery Status Reports?

Fax Delivery Status Reports are detailed reports that provide information on the delivery status of your sent faxes, such as delivered, failed, or pending. With Comexcel Cloud Service, you can access these reports in real-time, allowing you to monitor and optimize your faxing campaigns.

Benefits of Delivery Status Reports

With Comexcel Cloud's Delivery Status Reports feature, you get several useful benefits:

Confirm message delivery

Get notifications when your messages are successfully delivered to recipients. This confirms that your important communications are reaching people.

Identify failed deliveries

Similarly, you will be notified if delivery to a recipient fails for any reason like an invalid phone number. This allows you to update contacts and ensure future messages are properly delivered.

Compliance and auditing

Maintain records showing communications logs and delivery receipts. Useful for demonstrating regulatory compliance in your industry.

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Key Features of Fax Delivery Status Reports at Comexcel

Performance monitoring

Track delivery metrics like speed and failure rates to monitor quality of service. Identify and troubleshoot issues proactively.

Usage statistics

Gain insights into communication usage and effectiveness. See which messages are opened most by recipients and use this to guide future communications strategy.

Automated workflows

Trigger automatic actions based on delivery status, such as sending reminders for undelivered messages or escalating critically important notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions about Delivery Status Reports
Delivery Status Reports are a useful feature in Comexcel Cloud that lets you know if your emails, SMS, and voice messages have been successfully delivered to the intended recipient. It's a great way to get visibility into the status of your communications!
Enabling Delivery Status Reports is easy! Just log into your Comexcel Cloud portal, navigate to "Settings -> Delivery Status Reports" and toggle it on. Once enabled, you'll start seeing helpful delivery status information.
You'll get super helpful info like whether the message was delivered, when it was delivered, or any problems that prevented successful delivery (like an invalid email address or suspended phone number).
Absolutely! You have the flexibility to view the status reports within the Comexcel Cloud portal or to have them automatically emailed to you after each message. The choice is yours!
We store Delivery Status Reports within Comexcel Cloud for 30 days. However, if you configure automatic email delivery of the reports, you can retain them for as long as you'd like!
Anyone sending communications through Comexcel Cloud can benefit! Marketers, customer support teams, IT administrators, and company executives can all gain insight into the reach and deliverability of their messages.

Maximize the efficiency and reliability of your fax communications with Fax Delivery Status Reports at Comexcel Cloud Service. Make data-driven decisions, improve customer service, and streamline your communications with this powerful and easy-to-use feature.

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