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Upgrade Your Faxes with Customizable Fax Cover Pages at Comexcel

Customizable fax cover pages let you make your faxes uniquely yours! Comexcel Cloud makes it crazy simple to design fax covers to match your brand, promote products, highlight contact info - whatever you want. Stop sending boring old default fax covers and start standing out with Customizable covers today. With easy drag-and-drop tools and a gallery of templates, you can quickly tailor cover pages in minutes right from your Comexcel account. And covers save automatically for future faxes so you never start from scratch twice. Take your faxes up a notch and try Customizable covers now! Log in to your Comexcel account and click "Customize Fax Covers" to begin - you'll love the results!

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Top Benefits of Customizable Fax Cover Pages in Comexcel

Customize to Your Brand

Create fax cover pages that align to your company's brand guidelines. Upload your logo, select your brand's colors and fonts to design professional looking cover pages. Make an impression before the fax content is even seen.

Save Time

No more printing blank cover pages and hand writing cover sheet info. Save time by creating customizable templates with your sender details pre-populated. Simply select the template and send your next fax.

Promote Your Business

Use the cover page real estate to promote your business, products or services. Include taglines, special offers or website links so recipients get useful info and are directed to learn more.

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Go Paperless

Reduce waste by taking your cover sheets digital. No more wasting paper to print and hand write cover page info each time you need to fax. Customizable online cover pages are eco-friendly.

Attach Cover Pages to Any Fax

Whether sending directly from your computer or forwarding faxes received from your fax number, you can automatically attach a professional cover page, every time. Consistent branding for all your outbound faxes.

Preview Before Sending

See exactly how your fax will look before sending it out. Preview helps ensure cover page accuracy and consistency with your brand style. Promote your best image on every fax cover page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Customizable Fax Cover Pages
Great question! With our Comexcel Cloud communications service, you can easily create customized cover pages for any faxes you send. You can add your company logo, contact information, a short message - whatever you like! It's a great way to make your faxes look professional and represent your brand.
It's super easy! Just log into your Comexcel Cloud account, go to the Fax section, and click "Create Cover Page". From there, you can choose a template or design your own. You can add images, text boxes, logos - get as creative as you want!
Definitely add your company logo and contact info so the recipient knows who the fax is from. A short header or tagline is also useful. Some customers like to add a simple message, like "Thank you for your time" or include mission statement or slogan that represents their brand.
Absolutely! Create different cover pages for different departments or purposes. Like having one for sales and one for support. You can customize as many as you need.
When you go to send a fax in Comexcel Cloud, one of options you can select is "Attach Cover Page". Then simply choose which customized cover page design you made that you want to send with that particular fax. It's as simple as that!
Yes, you can reuse and send your saved cover pages as many times as needed! You can also make edits to customize them further whenever you'd like.

In summary, Comexcel's Customizable Fax Cover Pages feature empowers businesses to enhance their professional image, reinforce brand identity, and ensure clear communication with clients and partners. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your business communication – try Comexcel's Customizable Fax Cover Pages today!

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