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Key Features of Comexcel

Centralized Contact Management

Comexcel CRM feature allows you to consolidate all your contacts in one place. It ensures smooth tracking of client information and interactions, providing your team with a 360-degree view of customer relationships.

Efficient Quote Management

With this feature, you can easily generate, send, and track quotes. It helps in improving sales effectiveness and in reducing response time to customer inquiries.

Streamlined Order Processing

Comexcel CRM provides a unified system for managing customer orders. This helps to reduce errors, increase efficiency, and ensure all orders are processed in a timely manner.

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Benefits of Using Comexcel in Customer Services

Comexcel Cloud's CRM feature offers several key benefits to help you manage customer relationships:

Centralized contact database

Store all your contact details like names, companies, phone numbers, emails, addresses etc in one place for easy access and management. Never lose a lead again!

Interaction history tracking

Log all interactions with customers like calls, meetings, emails etc automatically so you have the full history with each contact in one place. Great for picking up where you left off!

Sales pipeline visualization

See your sales pipeline laid out clearly in kanban boards to understand deal stages and priorities. Keep your sales team focused on the hottest leads!

Key Features of Comexcel

Auto lead scoring

Let the system automatically score your leads based on parameters like interactions, profile completeness etc so you can prioritize outreach appropriately.

Customizable reports & dashboards

Create custom reports and dashboards tracking KPIs of your choice. Fantastic for data-driven decisions!


Connect seamlessly with the tools you already use like email and calendars. No need to enter data twice!

Frequently Asked Questions about Comexcel Cloud CRM
Our CRM feature allows you to manage all your contacts and interactions with customers from one place. It's designed to help you build stronger customer relationships!
There's seamless integration - calls automatically log interactions in the CRM so you have a complete record of conversations. This saves your sales team tons of time.
Absolutely! The call logs include date/time of calls, duration, who you spoke to, and notes your team entered so you always know the details. Very handy for followups.
Yes! Email exchanges with contacts automatically sync over so all interactions are documented. No more digging through inboxes to find that one conversation.
Yep, the Comexcel CRM has iOS and Android apps so your team stays productive from anywhere. All that great customer info at your fingertips wherever you are!
Robust reporting and analytics are built in to help you identify new opportunities and see what areas your team is performing well in (or needs improvement!). Goal management ensures alignment.
The interface is very intuitive so you'll be up and running quickly! Plus we provide great onboarding resources and ongoing support to ensure you get maximum value.

Track all unreturned calls and texts in a single click

With our proprietary filter technology, when you access your list of missed calls from your CRM, with a click, you can see the purpose of the prospect’s or client’s call and take fast, appropriate action with a callback or immediate text!

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